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Pics Organizer has all the features you need to create a meaningful photo files structure
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29 November 2007

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Most of us store pictures on our computer systems and these include images snapped up with our digital cameras or sent to us from our friends or family and downloaded from the internet. Managing these and organizing them carefully for easy reference is a toiling task as the count of the pictures saved at times can be numerous. In case the user wishes to do any kind of editing or resizing of the image files, individual selection of the images is necessary. Keeping in view of such issues, the Pics Organizer 1.4 application has been designed and it can help the user in such a situation and organize the entire collection and perform any function swiftly and accurately.

Pics Organizer 1.4 opens with a well organized, intuitive and neatly arranged interface with a bright feel to it. The software has a distinct look from other picture managers and includes a vast array of flexible features to assist the user in a comfortable manner. It has an exclusive feature list that includes bulk resizing of the images that saves time; looks for duplicates and removes them; renames the files in batches to avoid any individual effort; also creates folders and sub folders; copies and relocates the images from automated folders. The software works on the lines of an effective organizer for all the images saved and creating album folders and copying images easily onto it. The images can be arranged chronologically like a film strip displaying count of events, whenever the pictures were taken. Furthermore, the picture files can be edited or modified as per user convenience and also displays all the information regarding the digital arcades created like number of albums stored, number of total images saved and even the date of the album creation.

Overall, it can be said without a doubt that Pics Organizer 1.4 is an efficient and flexible device for image organization and safely gets a rating score of four points for its rich feature set and optimum performance.

Publisher's description

If you feel lost in thousands of default named pictures placed on default named folders then Pics Organizer is the software you will need. Bulk resize, find duplicates, advanced exif filters, batch rename photos files, create folders and subfolders, move or copy pictures to auto created organized folders structure plus a very intuitive interface to select pictures to be placed on albums(folders) are just a few features that makes Pics Organizer a very powerful tool. The main purpose of this program is to organize pictures( obtained with a digital photo camera), found on your hard disk, by giving meaningful names to pictures, creating a more logical folders structure( albums) and copy or move pictures into it. Using all the information saved by your camera, Pics Organizer let you to organize a large amount of photos found on different and not organized folders by gathering and presenting to you, all photos, into a single virtual film organized by an easy to follow time line (ChronoLogical). From here you may define each album only with two mouse clicks: selecting first and last pictures from a desired time interval. The automated process of creating folders for each album defined, copy or move and renaming photos let you to create more meaningful collection of photos and to prepare them for storing on your preferred media. It also includes the ability to apply a series of 12 filters based on exif information saved by your camera, making easier for you to locate and isolate different pictures shot in some particular conditions(including different cameras and more other photo's related data). All this and many other features makes Pics Organizer an indispensable tool for all happy owners of a digital camera.
Pics Organizer
Pics Organizer
Version 1.4
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